Manage your Tailoring Business with the touch of a button.

Globally monitor your business from any device.
Connect with your clients via SMS and Emails.
Keep your clients mobile with you.

why choose us?

Easy Tailor App is a cloud based solution provided to you as an service. You get access to your business from any device, from any location without worrying about infrastructure management.

SaaS +

Your application delivered as a service, over the internet, from anywhere in the world. You will no longer have to rely on hardware or software to manage your business. SaaS is simple, familiar, and collaborative.

Cloud Solution +

There is no need for any specific hardware or software, or infrastructure, as ETA runs on the cloud. Just get up and go with the device of your choice; desktop, mobile, or tablet.

SMS & Email +

With SMS & Email Integration pre-built, you can notify your clients with order updates, payment confirmation or even start a new promotional campaign. The possibilities are endless with ETA; keep your business boosted.

Quick Support +

Our support is on hand, tailored to you. If you have any questions or queries or would like to know more, contact us.

Incredible Features

Multi-branch business management, sales management, corporate invoicing, production management, customer portal for your clients; features are endless and we keep on adding something new every now and then.

Multi-branch Setup

You have multi-branch presence across country or city or if you are a single shop owner, ETA is scalable for all kinds of business setup.

Tailoring Product Templates

Create templates with your unique styling options, measurement fields & upload styling image samples to be presented to the client during sales.

Inventory Management

Create inventory profiles, assign re-order alerts, create cut-length orders from sales, monitor purchase orders, interbranch transfers, supplier payment terms and more.

Customer Portal

You get an unique portal for your clients, this portal can be used by the client to track current orders, schedule appointments or even share feedback on any past order.

Integrated SMS & Email

With the built-in support for SMS & Emails, you can design your own message templates and integrate them with the sales, clients, production or promotional campaigns. ETA makes sure that the client receives notifications for the selected conditions.

POS/Tablet System Enabled UI

Your ETA account can be configured to make it touch friendly for the POS machines. Create invoices and note down measurements in just a few touches, the same can be used without any configuration for your tablets.

Gift Card Sales

ETA allows you to generate and print gift-cards. You also get an option to assign the expiry date for the gift-cards and you also get to redeem them for your clients for any purchases they make.

Loyalty Points

ETA allows you to setup your own loyalty point slab, these conditions are applied to each payment a client makes on general sales invoices, you also get an option to monitor the statement and redeem the points for client purchase after using the ETA for 6 months.

Barcoded Production Management

ETA allows you to print work-order barcode tags and then you get to scan them from your mobile or tablet to ease up the production data entry process. You also get an option to transfer and monitor work-orders between branches, one click dispatch of ready garments to respective locations/one location.

Automated Client Notification

ETA sends invoice over Email to the client with attachment of E-Invoice or E-Payment Receipt or E-Giftcards. Production notifications are sent to respective clients and sales person on garment completion and you also get an option to send mass promotional emails or SMS to selective or all clients in just 3 easy steps.

Task Reminders to Sales Team

ETA sends 3 reminder emails with respect to each task, this automation makes sure that your sales team or any other user don't miss out on client deliveries or trials or purchase order delays or supplier payments.

Automated Daily Report Emails

ETA makes sure that you receive vital reports on a daily basis over Email, these report includes; sales, inventory statement, customer payments etc. You also get option to monitor these reports in detail within your ETA account.

ETA Pricing

(Additional GST applicable to Indian buyers only)


USD $29.99

  • Access to all the modules
  • Unlimited Email Credits
  • Access Built-in SMS and Email Portal
  • Unlimited Users
  • Daily Report Emails
  • Client Portal**
  • E-Commerce Site** (added cost)
  • Unlimited Customer Support
  • Extra cost for SMS credits.
  • Pay annually/monthly post trial.
  • Pay monthly at USD $35.99/month post trial.
  • Pay annually at USD $29.99/month post trial.


2.5% of monthly revenue

  • Access to all the modules
  • Unlimited Email Credits
  • Access Built-in SMS and Email Portal
  • Unlimited Users
  • Daily Report Emails
  • Client Portal**
  • E-Commerce Site** (added cost)
  • Unlimited Customer Support
  • Extra cost for SMS credits.
  • Pay monthly post trial.

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