About Us

It is our mission to get the best out of your business

Easy Tailor App (ETA) is a Tailoring App developed by the Raizzon Infotech LLP. We have devoted considerable resources researching the tailoring business and have applied this research in the development our unique software package. We truly believe that the tailoring business is one of the most sophisticated businesses in the market today. Our product is designed to provide the users the ability to streamline and manage their business data.

Raizzon Infotech LLP was established in 2012* and we have delivered solutions to clients located Globally.

We strive to create products and services aimed at simplifying your business. We understand our client’s needs, and are committed to support you dedicatedly.

Our process

We are largely dependent on you to understand and learn something new about your tailoring business everyday. We use this information to create a better app experience for you.


Gather Ideas

We listen to your ideas with an open mind and note them for further analysis.



Our dev team brainstorm your suggestions to put your awesome ideas into action.



Post development, we release them as an app update at no added cost.