We have specified frequently asked questions about our Tailoring App, if you don't find your answer in this page, then please feel free to contact us or check out our support docs.

How can I create a new account?

You can use signup option given on this website, we will receive some much-needed information from you and set up a new account in a matter of few seconds and you will be ready to use ETA.

I have multiple branches, how does ETA help?

ETA is the perfect solution if you have a multi-branch presence. Your branch users can just login to ETA and get started right away and you can monitor everything centrally from any device, anytime.

How can I access my account?

You can login to ETA with the account credentials created by you at the time of registration.

What is the limitation of my account?

You can checkout our pricing page and terms and conditions page for more information about this.

Is my information secured with ETA?

Yes, we have installed 128 bits SSL certificate to keep your data safe, in addition to this, we take special measures to protect your data and privacy. For more information on this, please visit our Privacy Policy page.

Do I need to install any special hardware or software to use ETA?

No, you won't need any special hardware or software installation, especially for ETA. You can access ETA from any device with access to the internet. However, you may need special hardware and software installed to be able to use barcode enabled tagging system and printers to print reports or invoices etc from ETA.

How can I access the app?

ETA is easily accessible across any device. Whether you're on a desktop, mobile, or tablet, you will be able to access ETA, anytime, from anywhere.

How will ETA benefit my clients?

ETA not only benefits you, it will benefit your clients too. If you're with a client or pitching a sale, you can simply grab your device, open ETA, and go through different measurement options, styling options, and filter through images for your client to choose from. It's easy for your clients to see your products, there and then.

What's the cloud?

The cloud is essentially a nickname for cloud computing. In simple terms, it's a way of storing and accessing data, applications, and programs over the internet, without using a computer hard drive. This means you won't have to purchase any hardware, or download any software, in order to use ETA.

Can I restrict access on ETA for my employees?

Yes. You can easily distribute the app amongst your employees for them to use, however, you can also filter and limit their level of access so that they can only view some of the app's features, or the features that are necessary for their job. It's really simple and can be achieved in just a few clicks.

What if I forget to perform a task?

ETA makes it simple so that you never forget a thing. You can easily create reminders regarding any task, event, etc., and receive email notifications.

I own multiple branches, can ETA be used for all of them?

Yes. If you own more than one branch, you can easily sync your data between and across all branches. You can continue to monitor your sales, inventory of any branch, and perform inter-branch billing and stock transfers.

How do I know what's status of sales, inventory, production, accounts etc..?

If you're making a sale, or simply want to check your stock levels and see the quantity status of any retail products, you can check this with ETA, across all of your branches. You can always contact us for queries regarding the app, we keep on updating the knowledge base in a timely fashion, to keep you updated about new features and exciting features.



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