Manage your tailoring business and keep eye on various aspects of your organisation, check who is selling more, check who is giving more credits to your customers; want to know what is the current sales in comparison to previous month this time or previous year this time; inventory waiting for re-order, payments waiting to be received from your customers, payment you owe to your supplier and on which dates; find how much you earned through different payment modes and see how much of discounts you levied. Possibilities are endless.

Manage your sales, accessible from any device, and interact with your customers on the spot. Keep your clients mobile with you. Assign limited/unlimited access to your sales team, to make sales, take measurements while they are mobile with your customers helping them choose merchandise and suggesting them styles using your ETA account from tablet. Schedule delivery date or trial dates for your customers. Receive payment, print invoices and receipts directly from ETA. Track history of any invoice, learn status of garment instantly from invoice history.

With Easy Tailor App, your tailoring business doesn't need to waste there time in counting and keeping manual track of all your new and existing orders. With a Sales Manager access, your sales team will know the amount of garments pending to cut, print work-orders or forward for production process or check if any garments ready to be delivered for ready for trial with customers; inform your customers instantly with our built sms and email system and make an professional impression about your tailoring business. Everything is automated, so, that you and your team can focus on more productive matters of your business.

Production management is heart of tailoring business, with Easy Tailor App, you can manage your production like a pro and without investing ton of your time in data entry, its just few clicks and you are done with it and track all historical production work done on a selected garment; raise bar of your production process and have much better knowledge of backend team. Forward garments to sales team to deliver the garments after production process, learn if a garment has issues, assign the person to blame for and keep track of it during payroll.

Multi-branch inventory management is super easy with our Tailoring App, you can receive stock requests from different branches and different sections of your tailoring business; transfer stocks to other branches and keep track or re-order levels, generated purchase orders in few clicks and track your orders and receive them in few clicks too, let your inventory team manage your inventory and accounts team handle all the payment information.

Manage each of your accounts with ease, on the go. Whether you're checking supplier payments, or general cashflow. Everything is automated, so, you don't have to re-enter your sales payments into different type of payments, you can receive payment for a sales invoice in another branch and get information as due payment from that branch. Manage central accounting for multiple branches or one branch or shop, the accounts management is pretty cool with ETA.

Forget the panicking time of month when your staff or you have to worry about headache of payments. With our Tailoring App, you can generate dues and check and make changes in due payments in just few clicks and enjoy your end of month period managing and doing some better things for your business or for yourself.

This is the brain of your tailoring business; understand the status and flow of your business with access to reports at the ready; cashflow via payment method, sales records, due notices - you name it, all with instant access. These reports will let you plan and make strategy for your business. You will be able to have better control on your sales, inventory, production etc. By understanding the sales to consumption ratio of inventory or credit to debit ratio of your sales. All information at tip of a finger.



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