ETA Features

Smart And Flexible

ETA runs on the cloud. Just get up and go with the device of your choice; desktop, mobile, or tablet.

  • Global Access
  • Device Flexibility
  • Free Access to Updates
  • Affordable Price
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Multi-Branch Setup

Either You have a multi-branch presence or if you are a single shop owner, ETA is scalable for all kinds of business setup.

  • Share Branch Access With Team
  • Manage All Branches Centrally
  • Transfer Stock Between Branches
  • Transfer Work-Orders Between Branches
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Automated Task Reminders

Your sales team and user team will receive automated task reminders based on the use history.

  • Purchase Order Delivery Reminder
  • Supplier Payment Schedule Reminder
  • Garment Delivery/Trial Reminder
  • Garment Ready Alert
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Daily Report Emails

Receive daily reports via Email at the end of the day.

  • Sales Report
  • Customer Payment
  • Inventory Statement
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Integrated SMS, WhatsApp & Email

With the built-in support for SMS, WhatsApp & Emails, you can design your own message templates and integrate them with the sales, clients, production or promotional campaigns.

  • Welcome Your Client With a Greeting on First Registration
  • Automated Sales Invoice via Email, SMS & WhatsApp
  • Sales Payment Receipt via Email, SMS & WhatsApp
  • Greet Your Clients On Their Birthday or Marriage Anniversary
  • Automated Notification On Garment Ready for Delivery/Trial
  • Send Promotional Campaigns With Just 3 Clicks.
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Customer Portal (Coming Soon)

You get an unique portal for your clients, this portal can be used by the client to track current orders, schedule appointments or even share feedback on any past order.

  • Login and Manage Their Orders
  • See Order Updates
  • Schedule Appointments
  • Share Feedback on Previous Orders
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Inventory Management

Create inventory profiles, manage your supplier invoices and payment shcedules. You get options to create purchase order from sales window for cut-length fabrics or transfer stock between branches.

  • Generate QR-Codes
  • Create Product Gallery for E-Commerce Portal (not released yet)
  • Automated Re-order Email Alerts
  • Generate Purchase Orders
  • Generate Cut-Length Fabric Purchase Orders From Sales
  • Automated Purchase Order Deadline Email Alerts
  • Convert Purchase Order into Purchase Invoice to Save Time
  • Automated Supplier Payment Schedule Alerts
  • Pay a supplier for multiple invoices with one click
  • Transfer Stock Between Branches with a Challan
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Tailoring Product Templates

Create templates with your unique styling options, measurement fields & upload styling image samples to be presented to the client during sales.

  • Create Styling Templates for Sales
  • Create Measurement Templates for Production
  • Create Product Gallery for E-Commerce Portal (not released yet)
  • Make a Sale in Style With Presentable Templates
  • Fabric Consumption Chart for Actual Sales Price Calculation
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Tailoring + Fabric + Retail Sales

You can assign the fabric consumption for each tailoring product, this consumption criteria is used in the sales to calculate the sales price of the end product. You also get an option to sell retail items along with the tailoring products. All under one window and many more features.

  • Create Tailoring Orders With/Out Fabrics
  • Create Production/Corporate Invoices
  • Generate Draft Sales to Avoid Tax Complications
  • Generate Work-Orders and Forward to Production instantly
  • Generate Credit Note on Order Cancellation
  • Email Sales Invoices with Attachment
  • Redeem Gift-Cards as Payment
  • Auto Generate Loyalty Point Statement
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Barcoded Production Management

ETA allows you to print work-order barcode tags, print work-orders, dispatch garments to sales once they are ready in just one click.

  • Generate Work-Order QR-Codes
  • Print Work-Orders
  • Assign Production Employee to Different Orders
  • Transfer Garment Between Branches with Transfer Receipt
  • Dispatch Garments on Ready with just one click
  • Issue Tailoring Materials With History Reference Feature
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Generate payroll of your production members in seconds without worrying and going through heaps of paper.

  • One Click Payroll Generation
  • Print Payroll Receipts
  • Generate Production Payroll with Work History
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Generate reports, download them as PDF or CSV or even generate promotional emails and SMS with few clicks

  • Inventory Closing Statement
  • Sales Report, Customer Payment or Client Balances
  • Cash Flow Statement
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